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Expertly Moulded, Beautifully Made

From historical buildings to cutting edge modern structures, we provide a one-stop service that gives a cost effective solution to your architectural needs.
Fibreglass traditionally lends itself to the leisure industry. Bars, boats, beach huts, kiosks and designer furniture are all part of our wide and varied portfolio.
Through a unique process we bring to life your lighting designs. We produce translucent fiberglass which is an excellent means of showcasing light.
We replicate materials such as wood, metal, brick and stone using fibreglass. Fibreglass offers a long lasting and lightweight alternative to traditional building methods.

About Fibreglass First

Fibreglass First is your one-stop solution to your fibreglass needs

From design to delivery we create bespoke glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) structures. Fibreglass First also offers a personalised consultation service which is based on knowledge and experience gained from over 20 years in the GRP industry.

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