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Initially our approach is to gain a detailed understanding of your needs. During these preliminary discussions we can advise on design criteria  and the addition of peripheral components if required.   Areas covered are:

  • Conceptual design

  • Design documentation

  • 3D visualisation, 3D documentation (Autocad, Solidworks)

  • Material selections and assessments

  • Full project cost preparation and project management


From your drawings, a pattern is produced to replicate the finished product exactly. Tooling is then produced to enable the manufacture of finished products. Our ability to produce complex, multi-piece production moulds with high quality finishes is key, as the quality of each moulded component is a direct reflection of the mould itself. Tooling is always designed with the final production method in mind, such as:

  • Hand / spray lay up

  • Latex tooling

  • Vacuum bagging

  • RTM – Resin transfer mouldings


We undertake small to large volume production, but more often than not a single product or prototype is all that is required.

We pride ourselves on delivering on time and within budget and will work within any time frame constraints to achieve your goals.


Upon release from the mould the product is passed over to the finishing department. This is usually where we trim it if required and any peripheral components are fitted.

The final product is then polished or matted down to achieve the perfect finish then it is rigorously checked before it is packed and delivered.

We also offer an on-site fitting service, if required.

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